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Who Are We?

Soorbhi – Naturally Artisanal, is a Canadian brand of hand-made products curated from different regions of India. We proudly work directly with talented Artisans to bring our customers a taste of Indian Art. Our company envisions that every home in North America is adorned with these remarkable handicrafts. Soorbhi offers a variety of affordable products through our vast collection for our customers across North America.

The Why

India’s richness and diversity in people, culture and art has always fascinated us! Simply traveling from one region to another can make you feel as though you’ve entered a new country. The language changes, the food, the way people live and even more. India’s land naturally has so much to offer, which allows for the distinct cultures to flourish freely. Each area produces a different raw material in abundance, and historically, the people native to that land learned to use nature’s offerings to enhance their living. This is how the people of India became experts in working with a wide variety of different materials such as marble, brass, copper, jute, bamboo, cotton, silk, natural wood, stone and more.

Although each region of India is distinct in their living, a common thread that ties them all together is their love and care toward nature. At Soorbhi, each product is handmade with utmost respect, sustainable methods and kindness to our earth.

Soorbhi is a celebration of India’s nature, practices, and history!

The How

See our work in action!

Remarkably elegant and naturally cool to the touch, Marble is one of the most precious raw materials found in India. Watch this short video to learn more about its history and techniques of using this popular stone.

Jute grows in vast abundance and is one of the most functional & sustainable plant fibers in the world! Here’s the story of how this grass is repurposed by Indian craftspeople to create meaningful household products.

Meet The Artisans

Why Soorbhi ?

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